MDB Recovery

Salient Software Features
  • Retrieves table structure and data successfully
  • Restores data structure’s keys as well, that is, auto number primary key, field size etc
  • Converts MDE database file to MDB database file
  • Original format including memo data, OLE data, table relationships and original date format is maintained after the conversion
  • Live Preview technology is used, to retrieve the database structure from corrupt database
  • Retrieves information from password protected database (the password should be known)
  • Requires no technical skills, user friendly interface

MDB File Recovery software

How many of us use Access database to store important information and how many of you know how to recover any of the lost data? There are several instances when the information may be lost or damaged due to millions of reasons.

This utility is designed exclusively to rebuild and repair the damaged access database. The tool repairs a damaged MDB file, which could have been damaged due to various reasons leading to synchronization failures.

Repair MDB file software provides easy recovery of data from damaged MDB/ACCDB files. This tool is capable to combat several corruptions issues with the Access file. Incorporated with various feasible options, it stands the sole and best option to fix corrupt Access files.

How it works?

The Access Repair tool scans recursively the damaged record and extracts the structure and table data from the document. After completing the analysis, it displays the complete preview of the structure and its contents. Using quick algorithm, the tool retrieves and previews the corrupt documents. Not only the software is fast, it is simple and extremely user friendly that even a novice user can recover his corrupt data in a moment!

Being an advanced tool, it supports various versions of corrupt records. The recovery tool supports MS Access 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95.

Do you want to Access MDB Recovery Tool before buying?

The trial versions of tool are the best way to analyze the software before buying. By downloading free Demo version of MDB Recovery tool, users can see how the software works and if it can recover the corrupt files. The Demo version displays the preview of recovered database and gives you a fair idea about how many records could be recovered from it. The trial version lets you know if the software will recover your corrupt files.

Why it is effective?

The amazing product has two recovery options, namely:

  • Standard Mode: Standard mode allows the user to repair the damaged Access DB documents. It enables the user to browse the corrupted files and rebuild it into a working DB file.
  • Template Mode: Template mode is used to recover and Fix Access DB file in case of severe corruptions. If the level of corruption is high and internal structure is lost, then template mode creates a backup copy of the DB as a template for restoring the lost data and synchronizes it.
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